Weekly Checklist: New Comics and More for October 17, 2012

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Here are the NEW comics, graphic novels, manga, books, action figures, statues, magazines and more coming to Jim Hanley's Universe in New York City Wednesday, October 17, 2012.

Members of our FREE Customer Rewards Program can save 15% on the following new books through Tuesday, October 23, 2012:

  • Justice League #13
  • AVX Consequences #2
  • New Avengers #31
  • Before Watchmen: Minutemen #4 AND all previous Before Watchmen issues and titles.
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Billy Kids Oddities + Orm Loch Ness 1
BPRD: 1948: 1
Ex Sanguine 1
Orchid 10
Star Wars: Agent of the Empire: Hard Targets 1
Victories 3

American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares 5
Batman: Birds of Prey (7) 13
Batman: Catwoman (4) 13
Batwoman (2) 13
Before Watchmen: Minutemen 4
Blue Beetle (4) 13
DC Universe Presents 13
Green Lantern Corps:TPB: The Weaponer
Green Lantern: New Guardians 13
Green Lantern:THC: New Guardians: 1-Ring Bearer
He-Man And the Masters of the Universe 3
Hellblazer 296
Justice League (5) 13
Legion of Super-Heroes (7) 13
Nightwing (3) 13
Red Hood and the Outlaws 13
Saucer Country
Sgt. Rock:THC: Archives: 4
Supergirl (6) 13
Supergirl (6):TPB: 1-Last Daughter of Krypton
Sword of Sorcery 1
Unwritten:TPB: 6-Tommy Taylor and the War of Words
Wonder Woman (4) 13
Young Justice (2) 21

Activity 9
Bloodstrike:TPB: 1-Reborn Under A Bad Sign 1
Chew 29
Cyber Force 1
Darkness 107
Glory 29
It Girl + the Atomics 3
Mind the Gap:TPB: 1-Intimate Strangers
Mudman:TPB: 1
No Place Like Home 5
Not My Bag:GN:
Savage Dragon (2) 182
Shinku 5
Skullkickers:TPB: 3-Six Shooter on the Seven Seas
Walking Dead (2) 103
Walking Dead (2) 100 (Third Printing)

Avengers Assemble 8
Avengers: New Avengers (2) 31
AvX: Consequences 2
Captain Marvel (6) 5
Daredevil (3) 19
Dark Avengers 182
Dark Tower: Gunslinger Man In Black 5
Fear Itself:TPB: Spider-Man
Gambit 2 (Second Print)
Hawkeye 3
Hawkeye 2.2 (Second Print)
Infernal Man-Thing:TPB:
Iron Man: Ultimate Comics 1
Marvel Firsts:TPB: Before Marvel Now
Marvel Now: Point One 1
Marvel Super Heroes:Mag:
Marvel Zombies: Halloween
Punisher MAX: Untold Tales 5
Punisher:TPB: 9: 4-Homeless
Spider-Man: Ultimate Comics (2) 16
Spider-Man:TPB: Avenging Spider-Man 1-My Friends Can Beat Up Your Friends
Thor (3): Journey Into Mystery:TPB: 3-Terrorism Myth
Thor: Mighty Thor (4) 21
Venom (3) 26
Venom:TPB: by Rick Remender 3-Savage Six
X-Factor (3) 245
X-Men: Uncanny X-Men (2) 20
Zombies Christmas Carol:TPB:

After Earth (One-Shot)
Airboy: Deadeye 4
Barack Obama:HGN: Comic Book Biography
Cape: 1969 4
Cavewoman: Natural Selection 2
Courtney Crumrin (Ongoing) 6
Dicks:TPB: 1
Dungeons + Dragons: Forgotten Realms 4
Elric the Balance Lost:TPB: 3
Father Gaetanos:GN: Puppet Catechism Ill Novella 3
Fishtown:THC: (New Print)
GFT: Sleepy Hollow 1
GI Joe (1): A Real American Hero 183
GI Joe: Snake Eyes 18
Godstorm 1
Godzilla: Half Century War 3
Godzilla: Ongoing 1.2 (Second Print)
Gold Digger: Swimsuit Annual 1
Gray Morrow's Orion:TPB:
Green Hornet: Kevin Smith 29
Grimm Fairy Tales:THC: Alice In Wonderland 1
Grimms Fairy Tales: 1 (New Print)
Harbinger (Ongoing) 5
How to Draw Alien Babes + Princesses:SC:
James Bond:TPB: Omnibus 4
Jennifer Blood 18
Knights of the Dinner Table 191
Last Zombie:TPB: Neverland 1
Lone Ranger: Snake of Iron 3
Lookouts Riddle 2
Mike Norton's Curse:GN:
Mutts:TPB: Bonk
Observed While Falling:THC: Burroughs Pook And Me
Peanuts (2) 3
Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt 2
Phazer 5
Popeye: Classic (Ongoing) 3
Prophecy 4
Ralph Azham:THC: 1-Why Would You Lie to Someone You Love?
Rookie:SC: Yearbook 1
Shadow:TPB: Blood + Judgment
Sixth Gun 26
Stitched 9
Terry Moore: How to Draw: Comics 5
Thargs Creepy Chronicles:GN:
Thunda 3
Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye:TPB: 2
Transformers:THC: The IDW Collection 7
Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris 17
Witchblade: Demon Reborn 3
Wizard Of Id:THC: Dailies + Sundays 1972 2
Womanthology: Space 2
X-O Manowar (Ongoing) 6
You'll Never Know:THC: 3-Soldiers Heart
Zaucer of Zilk 1
Zombies Vs Cheerleaders: Misadventures of Becky + Bob 1

Almost Naked Animals:Mag: 1
Archie: Betty + Veronica Double Digest 206
Archie: Betty and Veronica 262
Archie: Sonic the Hedgehog 241
Archie: Sonic Universe 45
Art Of Betty And Veronica:HC:
Disney Junior Magazine 9
Simpsons Comics 195

Kitchen Princess:GN: Omnibus 2
Limit:GN: 1
March Story:GN: 4
Tenjo Tenge:GN: 9

Doc Savage:PB: 62-Double Novel
James Bond:HC: Life 50 Years of James Bond: On the Run with 007
Lost Art of Ah Pook Is Here:HC: Images From The Graphic Novel
Mad: Greatest Artists:HC: Mort Drucker
Mad:THC: Totally Mad: 60 Years of Humor Satire + Stupidity
Shadow:PB: 65-Double Novel
Star Wars:HC: The Old Republic Encyclopedia

Famous Monsters of Filmland 264
Juxtapoz:Mag: 142
Little Shoppe of Horrors 29
Video Watchdog:Mag: 170

Hippie Chixx:GN:

Master of Kung Fu:TS: Red <PX> Medium-XLarge

Star Wars: Death Star Bottle Opener

Ame Comi:AF: Brainiac PVC Figure
Ame Comi:AF: Harley Quinn V2 PVC Figure
Batman:STA: 1/4 Scale Museum Quality Version 2
Captain America:STA: Action

Kamen Rider Tiger:AF: (Japanese Import)
Marvel Minimates:AF: Series 47 Asst
Universal Monsters:AF: Phantom O/t Opera
Walking Dead:AF: Minimates Halloween 2012 B+W 2-Pack




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