The Weekly Checklist: New Comics and More for October 24th, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ahoy! Here are the NEW comics, graphic novels, manga, books, action figures, statues, magazines and more coming to Jim Hanley's Universe in New York City Wednesday, October 24, 2012.

Members of our FREE Customer Rewards Program can save 15% on the following new books through Tuesday, October 30:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #696
  • Avengers #32
  • Batman: Incorporated #4
  • Rewards members can still get Uncanny Avengers #1 for 40% OFF!

PLUS! We'll be having a HUGE Sale on Select Books starting Wednesday October 24th! Get 40% Off TEN Awesome Comic Collections! Wednesday October 24th through Tuesday, October 30th, members of our FREE Customer Rewards Program can save an earth shattering 40% on the following books:

Thor:THC: Mighty Thor by Matt Fraction 2-

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen:HGN: Black Dossier

X-Men:TPB: Astonishing: 8- Children of the Brood

Winter Soldier:TPB: 1- The Coldest Winter

American Vampire:THC: 4-

Preacher:THC: 2-

Chew:THC: Omnivore Edition 2-

Right State:HGN:

100 Bullets:THC: 2-

Unwritten:TPB: 3-

These incredible savings are EXCLUSIVELY for members of our FREE Customer Rewards Program from Wednesday October 24th through Tuesday, October 30th!

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Buffy: Spike (2) 3
Buffy: Spike (2) (Variant Cover) 3
Dark Horse Presents 17
Ghost 1
Mind Mgmt 6
Shaolin Cowboy:TPB: Adventure Magazine
Star Wars Agent O/t Empire:TPB: 1-Iron Eclipse 1
Star Wars Dark Times:TPB: 5-Out Wilderness 5
Star Wars:TPB: Knights Of The Old Republic: 10-War 10
Untold Tales of Dog Mendonca + Pizzaboy (One Shot)

All Star Western (2) 13
Batman: Dark Knight (2) 13
Batman: Incorporated (2) 4
Fables 122
Firestorm (4): Fury of Firestorm 13
Flash (5) 13
Flash:TPB: Showcase Presents 4
Hawkman (4): Savage 13
Hawkman (4): Savage:TPB: 1-Darkness Rising 1
Huntress:TPB: Crossbow at the Crossroads
I Vampire 13
Justice League Dark 13
Legion:TPB: Secret Origin
National Comics: Madame X 1
Red Lanterns 13
Superman (3) 13
Talon 1
Teen Titans (9) 13
Unwritten 42

Artifacts 22
Debris 4
Guarding the Globe (2) (Second Print) 1.2
Hack/Slash Ongoing 19
Invincible 96
Lil Depressed Boy 14
Multiple Warheads Alphabet to Infinity 1
Prophet 30
Revival 4
Revival (Fourth Print) 1.4
Revival (Second Print) 3.2
Revival (Third Print) 2.3
Spawn 224
Thief of Thieves (Second Print) 8.2
Walking Dead (2) (Second Print) 102.2

MARVEL COMICS A-Babies Vs. X-Babies 1
Avengers (4) 32
Avengers: Secret Avengers 33
Avengers: Ultimate Comics: Ultimates 17
Avengers: Ultimate Comics: Ultimates (Second Print) 15.2
AVX: Consequences 3
Captain America (6) 19
Captain America and Iron Man (5) 638
Fantastic Four: FF 23
Fear Itself:TPB: Youth In Revolt
Gambit 4
Hulk: Incredible Hulk (2) 15
Iron Man: Invincible Iron Man 527
Marvel Masterworks:TPB: Captain America: 2
Marvel Tales:TPB: By Alan Davis
Marvel Universe: Ultimate Spider-Man Comic Reader 7
Phineas And Ferb:Mag: 13
Punisher: War Zone 1
Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 696
Spider-Man:TPB: Flying Blind
SpiderM:TPB: Complete Ben Reilly Epic 6
Thor (3): Journey Into Mystery 645
Wolverine (4) 315
Wolverine and the X-Men:TPB: 1
Wolverine: Max 1
X-Factor:TPB: 16-Together Again for the First Time
X-Men: Deadpool (4) 63
X-Men: The Astonishing X-Men (3) 55
X-Men: X-Treme 5
X-Men:TPB: The Astonishing 9-Exalted 9

2000 AD 1803
Adventure Time 9
Battle Beasts 4
Bloody Monday:GN: 8
Bravest Warriors 1
Captive Prince:GN:
Cavewoman: Natural Selection 2
Chosen 1
Crossed: Badlands 16
Crow:GN: Midnight Legends: 2-Flesh and Blood 2
Dilbert:TPB: I Cant Remember If Were Cheap Or Smart
Doctor Who:GN: Dalek Project
Eaters Digest:GN: 1
EC:THC: Kurtzman Corpse of the Imjin And Other Stories
EC:THC: Wally Wood Came the Dawn And Other Stories
Extermination 5
Faust: Love of Damned Act 13 (New Print) 13.N
Freakangels:THC: Complete Collection (Slipcased Edition)
Full Moon Phases Of the Moon:THC:
Ghostbusters: 100 Page Spooktacular
GI Joe: Cobra (3) 18
Grimm Fairy Tales 78
Grimm Fairy Tales: Giant Size 6
Grimm Fairy Tales: Halloween Special 4
Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths + Legends 21
Heads Or Tails:TPB:
Hellraiser 19
Hero Worship 4
Injury 4
Irresistible 4
Judge Dredd:HC: Art of Judge Dredd: 35 Years of Zarjaz Covers
Killogy 1
Kiss 5
Lets Play God 1
Lord of the Jungle 8
Pantha 4
Rachel Rising:TPB: 1-Shadow of Death (New Print) 1
Red Sonja (6) 70
Robert Jordan: Wheel of Time-Eye of the World 30
Shadow 6
Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who Assimilation 6
Valiant Masters:THC: 1-Bloodshot 1
Warriors of Mars 5
X-O Manowar (Ongoing) (4th Printing) 1.4

KID APPROVED! Archie:TPB: Giant Kids Jokebook
Archie's Double Digest 234
Binky:GN: 4-Takes Charge
Foxtrot:GN: Kids Edition 1-Aaaa
Ice Age: Past Present + Future (One Shot) 3
Simpsons: Bart Simpson Comics 76
Simpsons: Maggie 1

MANGA MANIA! Black Butler:GN: 11
Black God:GN: 17
Bride of the Water God:GN: 12
Disappearance of Nagato Yuki Clan:GN: 2
Durarara:GN: 4
Gantz:GN: 25
Pandora Hearts:GN: 12
Twilight:GN: Manga Collectors Edition

COOL BOOKS Cartoon Utopia:HC:
Frank Hampson:THC: Tomorrow Revisited Celebration of the Life + Art
The Spider:SC: 25-Girasol Pulp Doubles 25

MAGAZINES Comics Revue:Mag: Presents Aug 2012 19
Doctor Who:Mag: 452
Fangoria:Mag: 318
Mad Magazine 518
SF+F Modeller Presents: Epic Scale SF Modelling 5
Star Wars:Mag: Insider 137
Walking Dead Magazine (Newsstand) 1
Walking Dead Magazine (PX) 1

APPAREL Walking Dead:TS: Michonne Walkers (Medium-XXLarge)

MISCELLANEOUS Avengers:Toon Tumbler: Classic Avengers Pint Glass

STATUES Batman:STA: Dark Knight Rises: Bane Winter Battle Bust
DC Comics:STA: Super Heroes Superman Bust

TOYS Justice League:AF: Batman Action Figure
Mad Monster Party:AF: Asst
Munsters Select:AF: Eddie + Marilyn 2-pk
Star Wars:AF: Kenner Greedo 12-in
Star Wars:AF: Yoda 12in Mouth Moving Plush




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