The Weekly Checklist: New Comics and More for September 12, 2012

Friday, September 7, 2012

Ahoy! Here are the NEW comics, graphic novels, manga, books, action figures, statues, magazines and more coming to Jim Hanley's Universe in New York City Wednesday, September 12, 2012.

Members of our FREE Customer Rewards Program can save 15% on the following new books through Tuesday, September 18:
Avengers Vs X-Men 11
Batman 0
Batman and Robin 0
New Avengers 30
Wolverine and the X-Men 16
Before Watchmen: Comedian 3

More Items of the Week! Here are some more cool comics we think you should get:
Love And Rockets: New Stories 5
Activity 8
Adventure Time: Marceline & The Scream Queens 3
Avengers Assemble 7
Chew 28
Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe 1 & 2 (2 Prints)
Fantastic Four 610
Green Lantern Corps 0
Manhattan Projects 6
Massive 4
Naruto: The Tests of the Ninja 58
Return Of the Dapper Men: Special Edition HC
Stumptown 1
Winter Soldier 10
X-O Manowar 5

The FULL Checklist can be seen after the jump, or click "Read more..." below! Click here to see the visual checklist for September 5!

Kid Approved
Adventure Time: Marceline & The Scream Queens 3
Archie: Betty + Veronica Double Digest 205
Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes Adventures 6
Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes Adventures:TPB: 1
Green Lantern: Animated Series 6
Marvel's Oz:THC: Dorothy And the Wizard In Oz
Mega Man 17
Sonic: Knuckles the Echidna Archives:TPB: 3
SpongeBob Comics 12

Dark Horse Comics
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer: (3) Season 9 Freefall 13
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer:THC: Season 8: 2-Wolves at the Gate
Conan (7): The Barbarian 8
Conan:TPB: King Conan: Chronicles 3
Creep 1
Criminal Macabre:THC: The Iron Spirit
Massive 4
Orchid 9
Star Wars: Crimson Empire III:TPB: Empire Lost
Star Wars: Crimson Empire:THC: Saga
Star Wars: Knight Errant Escape 4
Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith 2
Strain 8
Victories 2

DC Comics
American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares 4
Batgirl (4) 0
Batman (2) 0
Batman (2) Combo Pack 0
Batman and Robin (2) 0
Batman: Arkham City:TPB:
Batman: Arkham Unhinged 6
Before Watchmen: Comedian 3
Before Watchmen: Comedian Combo Pack 3
Birds of Prey (7):TPB: 1-Trouble In Mind
Brightest Day:TPB: 3
Deathstroke 0
Demon Knights 0
Diablo 5
Firestorm (4): Fury of Firestorm Nuclear Men:TPB: 1-God Particle
Frankenstein: Agent of Shade 0
Green Arrow:TPB: Archers Quest (New Edition)
Green Arrow:TPB: Longbow Hunters (New Edition)
Green Lantern Corps (3) 0
Grifter 0
He-Man And the Masters of the Universe 2
Judas Coin:HGN:
Legion Lost 0
Punk Rock Jesus 3
Ravagers 0
Resurrection Man 0
Saucer Country 7
Shade 12
Suicide Squad (3) 0
Superboy (4) 0
Team 7 0

Image Comics
Activity 8
Breed III:TPB: Book of Revelations 3
Bulletproof Coffin:TPB: 2-Disinterred
Chew 28
Darkness 106
Haunt 26
Hoax Hunters 3
It Girl + the Atomics 1.2
It Girl + the Atomics 2
Manhattan Projects 6
Memoir 6
Saga 6.2
Walking Dead (2) 101.2

Marvel Comics
Avengers Assemble 7
Avengers Vs. X-Men 11
Avengers: New Avengers (2) 30
Avengers:TPB: Celestial Quest
Captain America (6) 17
Captain America and Black Widow (5) 636
Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe 1.2
Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe 2.2
Doctor Strange:THC: Season One Prem 1
Fantastic Four 610
Fear Itself:TPB: Secret Avengers
Hit Girl 1.3
Hit Girl 2.2
Hulk: Incredible Hulk (2) 13
Marvel Masterworks:THC: Iron Fist 2
Marvel Masterworks:THC: Iron Fist (DME 185) 2
Powers:THC: Definitive Collection 5
Punisher:TPB: Essential 4
Spider-Man: Avenging Spider-Man 12
Spider-Man: Scarlet Spider 9
Thor (3): Journey Into Mystery 643
Thunderbolts:TPB: Like Lightning
Winter Soldier 10
Wolverine and the X-Men 16
Wolverine:THC: Rot Prem
X-Force: Uncanny 31
X-Men : The Uncanny X-Men (2) 18
X-Men (3) 35
X-Men: Legacy (2) 273
X-Men: New Mutants (4):TPB: 5-Date with the Devil
X-Men: Ultimate Comics 16
X-men: Uncanny X-Men:TPB: By Kieron Gillen 1
X-Men: X-Treme 3

Other Comics
2000 AD 1797
Alien:TPB: Illustrated Story
Bionic Woman 4
Cavalier Mr. Thompson:GN: A Sam Hill Novel
Crackle of the Frost:HGN:
Crossed: Badlands 13
Crossed:THC: Wish You Were Here 1
Crossed:TPB: Wish You Were Here 1
Dark Shadows 7
Dark Shadows/Vampirella 2
Dicks 8
Doctor Who: Annual 2012
Dungeons + Dragons: Forgotten Realms: Drizzt:TPB: Omnibus 2
Fanboys vs. Zombies 6
Femforce 161
Galaxy Man 2
Game of Thrones 10
Green Hornet: Kevin Smith 28
Grimm Fairy Tales: Jungle Book 5
Harbinger (Ongoing) 4
Is That All There Is:GN:
Jennifer Blood: First Blood 1
Little Heroes:GN:
Love And Rockets:TPB: New Stories: 5
Planet of the Apes (Ermerald City Comic Con Variant) 9
Return Of the Dapper Men:HGN: Special Edition
Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom 2
Saint 0
Stitched 7
Stumptown (2) 1
Thunda 2
Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye (Ongoing) 2012 Annual 1
Waking: Dream End 4
Warlord of Mars 21
X-O Manowar (Ongoing) 5
Zootanapuss (Incentive Cover) 5

Genshiken:GN: Second Season 1
GTO:GN: Early Years Shonan Junai Gumi 14
Naruto:GN: The Tests of the Ninja 58

Cool Books
Comics Sketchbooks:HC: Private Worlds Todays Creative Talent
Siren:HC: Bewitching Art of Dan Brereton (Signed Edition)
So You Want to Be A Comic Book Artist:SC: Ultimate Guide

Comic Shop News 1317
Comic Shop News Fall 2012
Doctor Who:Mag: Special 32
Fangoria:Mag: 317
G-Fan:Mag: 100
Gothic + Lolita Bible:Mag: 43
Hobby Japan:Mag: Aug 2012 1005
Juxtapoz:Mag: Oct 2012 141
Rue Morgue Magazine 126
Star Wars:Mag: Clone Wars 13

Batman:TS: Dark Knight + Robin (X-Large) XL
Superman:Cap: Flex Fit M/L

Avengers Assemble:PO: By Bagley
Avengers Vs. X-Men:PO: By Cheung Poster
Marvel:PO: Reevolution By Quesada Poster

Batman:STA: 1/4 Scale Museum Quality Version 2
Batman:STA: ArtFX Black Costume Version
Batman:STA: Joker Black + White By Brian Bolland
Classic Marvel Collector Mag: 182-Swordsman
DC Superhero Chess: Collector Mag: 14-Nightwing White Bishop
DC Superhero Chess: Collector Mag: 15-Mr. Freeze Black Pawn
DC Superhero Collector Mag: 116-Negative Man
Green Lantern:STA: Saint Walker Animated Series

DC Heroclix:AF: 10th Anniversary 24 Ct Display
Just Us League:AF: Series 1 Green Arrow
Marvel Heroclix:AF: 10th Anniversary 24 Ct Display
Star Wars:AF: Kenner R5-D4 Jumbo
Tintin:AF: Capt Haddock Rally 9cm PVC Figure
Tintin:AF: Snowy Sitting 4cm PVC Figure
Tintin:AF: Trenchcoat 8.5cm PVC Figure
Ugly Doll:Plush: Gassy Little Ugly 7in Plush
Ugly Doll:Plush: Softy 7in Little Ugly Plush




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