Art Imitates Life With Kevin Sussman On The Big Bang Theory

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kevin Sussman
You're pretty sure you've seen that face to the right before? Well, yeah he's Stuart, the comic book store manager on The Big Bang Theory, but that's not it, right? Of course not! Kevin Sussman, who just got upgraded to a regular for the next season, used to sell comic books in real life before he did it on TV. It just so happens that he is an alumni of the Jim Hanley's Universe staff.

The average person doesn't realize how fulfilling a job slinging four-color funny books can be, but Kevin knows just how important the job was. It trained him and gave him the knowledge and gravitas it takes to portray one of us on a huge hit TV show! Though he does admit, however, he could have done a little better with the vacuuming.

Congratulations to you, Kevin, and remember, with great comic book store power comes the responsibility to do us justice on the screen!



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