The Weekly Checklist: New Comics and More for June 27, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ahoy! Here are the NEW comics, graphic novels, manga, books, action figures, statues, magazines and more coming to Jim Hanley's Universe in New York City Wednesday, June 27, 2012.

Members of our FREE Customer Rewards Program can save 15% on the following new books through Tuesday, July 3:
Justice League 10
Before Watchmen: Night Owl 1
Wolverine and the X-Men 12
Hit Girl 1
Spider-Men 2
Amazing Spider-Man 688
Aquaman 10
Flash 10

PLUS you can save an astonishing 35% off Fatale Book 1: Death Chases Me through Tuesday, July 3! Click here for details!

More Items of the Week! Here are some more cool comics we think you should get:
Attack on Titan 1
Batman Incorporated 2
Daredevil Artist Edition: Born Again By David Mazzucchelli THC
Defenders By Matt Fraction TPB 1
FF 19
Fatale 6
Incredible Hulk 10
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 2009
Manhattan Projects 4
Mind the Gap 2
New Deadwardians 4
Oz: Dorothy + Wizard In Oz 8
Prophet 26
Scalped 59
Spaceman 7
Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation 2
Superman: Family Adventures 2
Usagi Yojimbo 26: Traitors of the Earth
X-Men: Schism TPB

The FULL Checklist can be seen after the jump, or click "Read more..." below! Click here to see the visual checklist for June 27!

Dark Horse Comics
Beanworld:THC: Tales of the Beanworld 3
Buffy: Angel + Faith 11
Conan:TPB: Chronicles: 22-Dominion of the Dead
Conan:TPB: DH: 11-Road of Kings
Fatima: The Blood Spinners 1
Goon:TPB: 11-Deformed Body + Devious Mind
Guild:TPB: 2
Hellboy:BPRD: Hell on Earth: Exorcism 1
House of Night:THC:
Reset 3
Resident Alien 2
Star Wars: Blood Ties: Boba Fett Is Dead 3
Usagi Yojimbo:THC: 26-Traitors of the Earth
Usagi Yojimbo:TPB: 26-Traitors of the Earth

DC Comics
All Star Western (2) 10
American Vampire 28
Aquaman (7) 10
Batman: Incorporated (2) 2
Batman: Incorporated (2) Combo Pack 2
Batman: The Dark Knight (2) 10
Batman:TPB: Illustrated by Neal Adams: 1
Before Watchmen: Nite Owl 1
Before Watchmen: Nite Owl (Combo Pack) 1
Firestorm (4): Fury of Firestorm 10
Flash (5) 10
Gears Of War 24
Get Jiro:HGN:
Gotham City Sirens:TPB: 3-Strange Fruit 3
Green Lantern: New Guardians 10
Hawkman (4): Savage Hawkman 10
I Vampire 10
Infinite Crisis:THC: Omnibus
Justice League (5) 10
Justice League (5) Combo Pack 10
Justice League Dark 10
Legion of Super Heroes:TPB: 1-Hostile World 1
New Deadwardians 4
Scalped 59
Spaceman 7
Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes:THC: (DME)
Superman (3) 10
Teen Titans (9) 10
Voodoo (3) 10

Image Comics
Fatale 6
Fatale:TPB: 1-Death Chases Me
Hell Yeah 4
Magdalena:TPB: 2
Manhattan Projects 4
Mind the Gap 2
Morning Glories:TPB: 3
Prophet 26
Savage Dragon 180
Supreme 65
Thief of Thieves 4.2
Whispers 3
Witchblade 157

Marvel Comics
Avengers: Ultimate Comics: Ultimates 12
Captain America and Hawkeye (5) 633
Daredevil:THC: Artist Edition: Daredevil Born Again By David Mazzucchelli
Defenders:TPB: By Matt Fraction 1
Fantastic Four: FF 19
Fantastic Four: FF:THC:
Hulk: Incredible Hulk (2) 10
John Carter: Gods of Mars 4
Marvel Masterworks:TPB: Uncanny X-Men 5
Marvel Universe: Ultimate Spider-Man Comic Reader 3
Marvel Zombies: Destroy 4
Mystery Men:TPB:
Nick Fury:TPB: Classic 1-Agent of Shield
Oz: Dorothy + Wizard In Oz 8
Punisher:TPB: Official Index to Marvel Universe
Spellbinders:TPB: Signs And Wonders
Spider-Man: Amazing Fantasy 15
Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 688
Spider-Man:THC: Omnibus (DME) 1
Spider-Men 2
Thor: Mighty Thor (4) 16
Wolverine and the X-Men 12
Wolverine: Best There Is:TPB: Broken Quarantine
X-Men (3) 31
X-Men: Astonishing X-Men 50.2
X-Men: Legacy (2) 269
X-Men: Legacy (2):THC: Back to School Prem
X-Men:TPB: Schism

Other Comics
Art of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter:THC:
Atomic Robo: Flying She Devils of the Pacific 1
Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures 3
Birdseye Bristoe:THC:
Courtney Crumrin (Ongoing) 3
Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens:THC:
Dungeons + Dragons: Forgotten Realms 2
Furry Trap:HGN:
Game of Thrones:THC: 1
GI Joe:TPB: Roots of Retaliation
Hypernaturals 1
Idolized 0
Judge Dredd:TPB: Complete Case Files (S+S Edition) 5
Judge Dredd:TPB: When Judges Go Bad
Kirby Genesis: Silver Star 6
Knights of the Dinner Table 188
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen:GN: III: Century-2009
Lord of the Jungle 5
Lovely Horrible Stuff:HGN:
Magic the Gathering: Spell Thief 1
Outland:THC: 1-Complete Library Sundays (1989-1995)
Soulfire: Hope 1
Star Trek: Ongoing 10
Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation 2
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (5) Ongoing 11
Terry Moore: How to Draw: 4-Funny
Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye (Ongoing) 6
Voltron 6
Waking Dream End 2

Kid Approved
Anna & Froga:HGN: Want A Gumball
Archie {Comics} 634
Archie and Friends Double Digest 17
Archie: Betty + Veronica 260
Archie: Betty and Veronica Double Digest 226
Archie: Jughead's Double Digest 182
Archie: Sonic Universe 41
Archie:THC: Americana: 4 Best of the 70s
Archie's Double Digest 230
Asterix:GN:27.N-Asterix & Son (New Print)
Ice Age: Continental Drift (One Shot)
Madagascar 3:GN: Prequel Digest: Long Live King
Simpsons Super Spectacular 15
Simpsons: Bart Simpson's Comics 72
Superman: Family Adventures 2
Walt Disney:THC: Uncle Scrooge: 1-Poor Old Man

Attack on Titan:GN: 1
Bakuman:GN: 11
Drops of God:GN: 4
Mardock Scramble:GN: 5

Adult Comics
Cavewoman: Bunny Ranch One Shot (Budd Root Nude Special Edition)
Tarot Witch of the Black Rose:TPB: 10

Cool Books
Avenger:PB: Double Novel: 7
Cerebus:SC: The Barbarian Messiah
Crossing Boundaries:SC: In Graphic Narrative
Doc Savage:PB: 50-Double Novel
Idle Hands:HC: Art of Coop
Jewish Images in the Comics:HC:
Meaning of Superhero Comic Books:SC
Prometheus:HC: Art of the Film
Sexual Ideology in the Works of Alan Moore:SC:
Shadow:PB: 62-Double Novel
V Wars:HC:
Wayne of Gotham Novel:HC:

Cinefex:Mag: July 2012 130
Clint 2.0: 2
Comic Shop News 1306
Gothic + Lolita Bible 42
Hobby Japan:Mag: May 2012 1002
Marvel Previews July 2012 Extras 107
Previews: July 2012 1679
Scary Monsters Magazine 83
Screem:Mag: Ed 24

Batman:TS: New 52 Symbol M-XXL
Superman:TS: 52 II Symbol M-XXL
Wonder Woman:TS: 52 Symbol M-XXL

Locke & Key: Card Game
Marvel Heroclix:CMG: Chaos War 24 Ct Primer Ds

Batman:AF: Arkham City Series 3 Mr. Freeze Deluxe 8 Piece Case
Batman:AF: Arkham City Series 3 Killer Cros Deluxe 8 Piece Case
Classic Marvel:AF: Coll Mag Arachne 174
Marvel Select:AF: Avengers Movie: Hawkeye
Marvel Universe:AF: Super Hero Team Asst 201201
Star Wars: Vintage:AF: Asst 201206
Star Wars:AF: Celebration IV R2-D2 & 3PO Ralph Maquarrie 2-Pack
Yo Gabba Gabba:Plush: DJ Lance Designer Plush




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