Weekly Checklist for Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

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Ahoy! Here are the comics, graphic novels, manga, books, action figures, statues, magazines and more coming to Jim Hanley's Universe Wednesday, September 14, 2011.

Items of the Week
Angry Youth Comix:GN: Prison Pit 3
Archie:TPB: The Married Life 1
Batwoman 1 Carl Barks Bear Book:THC
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer: (3) Season 9 Freefall 1
Criminal (4): Last of the Innocent 4
Daredevil (3) 3
Fear Itself 6
Frankenstein: Agent of Shade 1
Green Lantern (5) 1
Justice League 1 (2nd Print)
Pigs 1
Punisher (9): MAX 17
Resurrection Man 1
Scalped 52
Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 669
Suicide Squad (3) 1
Thor (3): Journey into Mystery 627
Unwritten 29
X-Force: Uncanny 15

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Dark Horse Comics
Archie:THC: Archives 2
Baltimore: Curse Bells 2
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer: (3) Season 9 Freefall 1
Criminal Macabre: No Peace for Dead Men (One Shot)
Doctor Solar: Man of the Atom 8
Dollhouse: Epitaphs 3
Hellboy: The Fury 1.2
Hellboy: The Fury 3.2
Major Bummer:TPB: Complete Major Bummer Super Spectacular
Star Wars: Invasion-Revelations 3
Star Wars: Old Republic: Lost Suns 4

DC Comics
American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest 4
Batman And Robin (2) 1
Batman: All New Brave And the Bold 11
Batwoman 1
Deathstroke 1
Demon Knights 1
Frankenstein: Agent of Shade 1
God Somewhere:TPB New Ed
Greek Street:TPB: Medeas Luck 3
Green Lantern (5) 1
Green Lantern:TPB: Complete Sinestro Corps War
Grifter 1
Justice League of America:TPB: Team History
Legion Lost 1
Mister Terrific 1
Red Lanterns 1
Resurrection Man 1
Scalped 52
Sugar And Spike Archives:THC: 1
Suicide Squad (3) 1
Superboy (5) 1
Superman:THC: The Black Ring 2
Titans:TPB: Family Reunion
Unwritten 29

Image Comics
27: Second Set 1
Blue Estate:TPB: 1
Carbon Grey:TPB: Sisters at War 1
Gladstone's School for World Conquerors 5
Hack Slash:TPB: Torture Prone 9
Infinite 2
Mice Templar (3) 5
Moriarty:TPB: 1
Pigs 1
Spawn Origins:THC: 4
Super Dinosaur 4
Sweets:TPB: New Orleans Crime Story

Marvel Comics
Alpha Flight (4) 4
Art of Marvel Studios:HCSlipcase
Avengers: New Avengers (2) 16
Black Panther: Man Without Fear 523
Captain America (5) 620.2
Captain America (6) 1.2
Captain America: All Winners Squad: Band of Heroes 4
Captain America:TPB: By Dan Jurgens 2
Criminal (4): Last of the Innocent 4
Daredevil (3) 1.2
Daredevil (3) 3
Evolutionary War:THC: Omnibus
Evolutionary War:THC: Omnibus DM Var Ed
Fantastic Four: FF 4.2
Fantastic Four:THC: Overthrow of Doom Prem
Fantastic Four:THC: Overthrow of Doom Prem DM Var Ed
Fear Itself 2.3
Fear Itself 6
Fear Itself 2.4
Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula 1
Fear Itself: Monkey King 1
Ghost Rider (9) 3
Hercules: Herc 7
Infinity Gauntlet:TPB: (New Printing)
John Carter: A Princess of Mars 1
Marvel Adv:GN: Avengers/Thor /Captain America
Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes (2) 18
Marvel Masterworks:THC: Invincible Iron Man 7
Marvel Masterworks:THC: Invincible Iron Man DM Variant Ed
Marvel Universe: Official Index:TPB: Avengers
Marvel Zombies: Christmas Carol:THC
Marvel Zombies:THC: Supreme
Mystery Men 5
Punisher (9): MAX 17
Punisher (10): 1.2
Punisher:TPB: Circle of Blood (New Printing)
Secret Warriors:THC: 6-Wheels Within Wheels Prem 6
Spider-Man: Spider-Island: Amazing Spider-Girl 2
Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 667.2
Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 669
Spider-Man: Ultimate Comics (2) 1
Spider-Man:TPB: The Essential Spider-Man (New Ed) 3
Supreme Power (2) 4
Thanos Imperative:TPB
The Stand: Night Has Come 2
Thor (3): Journey into Mystery 627
Thor: Mighty Thor (4) 4.2
Thor:THC: Astonishing Thor
Wolverine: Daken Dark Wolverine 14
X-Force: Uncanny 15
X-Men: Deadpool (4) 43
X-Men: Deadpool:TPB: All In the Family
X-Men: Legacy (2) 255
X-Men:TPB: Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis
X-Men:TPB: New: By Grant Morrison 5
X-Men:TPB: Uncanny X-Men: Breaking Point

Other Cool Comics
Angry Youth Comix:GN: Prison Pit 3
Anne Rice: Servant of the Bones 2
Armed Garden + Other Stories:THC
Art of Joe Kubert:HC
Barks Bear Book:THC
Battle for the Planet of the Living Dead 1
Bonnie Lass 1
Cavewoman: All Natural Pin-Up (One Shot)
Crossed:THC: Family Values
Crossed:TPB: Family Values
Dungeons + Dragons: Drizzt 2
Executive Assistant: Orchid 3
Farscape: Ongoing 23
Fly 4
GI Joe: A Real American Hero 170
GI Joe: Cobra (3) 5
GI Joe: Cobra Civil War 100 Pg Spectacular
Green Hornet: Year One 12
Hellraiser 5
Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games 1
Knights of the Dinner Table: Bundle of Trouble:TPB: 3.N
Lady Death: Origins Annual 1
Living Corpse: Exhumed 2
Man Who Grew His Beard:GN
Moon Girl 4
Night of the Living Dead: Death Valley 4
Optic Nerve 12
Penny for Your Soul:TPB: War 1
Robert Jordan:THC: Wheel of Time: Eye of the World 1
Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time: Eye of the World 12
Sergio Aragones Funnies 3
Sherlock Holmes: Year One 6
Space Warped 3
Stan Lee: Starborn 10
Transformers:TPB: Ongoing: Heart of Darkness 4
Warlord of Mars 9
Wizard Of Id:THC: Dailies + Sundays 1970-1971

Kid Approved
Archie: Betty and Veronica Double Digest 194
Archie: Life with Archie Married Life 13
Archie:TPB: The Married Life 1
Archie's Pal Jughead (2) 209
Benjamin Bear:THC:In Fuzzy Thinking
Disney: Ducktales 4
Korgi:GN: A Hollow Beginning 3
Simpsons Comics 182

Manga Mania!
Bamboo Blade:GN: 10
Blood Blockade Battlefront:GN: 1
Bunny Drop:GN: 4
Detroit Metal City:GN: 10
Hayate Combat Butler:GN 18
My Girlfriends A Geek:GN: 4
Shugo Chara:GN: 12 Peach-Pit
Witch + Wizard:GN: Manga 1
With the Light: Raising An Autistic Child:GN: 8

Cool Books
Green Hornet:HC: Casefiles Ltd Ed
Green Hornet:SC: Casefiles
Hip Pocket Sleaze:SC: Vintage Adult Paperbacks
Planetary:SC: Keeping the World Strange Planetary Guide Cody Walker (Ed.)

Clint 10
Diabolique:Mag: 5
Freaky Monsters Magazine 4
Heavy Metal:Mag: <2K> November 2011 142
Hobby Japan Jan 2011 92
Horrorhound:Mag: 31
Video Watchdog 164

2012 Calendars
Walking Dead:Calendar: 2012

Hetalia:Wristband: Russia
Tokidoki X:Hoodie: Dr Dooms Revenge Medium

Card Supp: Deck Box: MTG Sideloading Deck Box Single

X-Men:Poster: Ultimate Comics by Paco Medina

Heroes of the DCU:STA: Blackest Night Indigo 1 Lantern Bust
Star Wars:Lightsaber: Kit Fisto Force FX Removable Blade Lightsaber


Brightest Day:AF: S3 Aqualad
Brightest Day:AF: S3 Dove
Brightest Day:AF: S3 Hawk
Brightest Day:AF: S3 Jade
Captain America:Shield: 23inch Deluxe Metal Version
Captain America:Shield: Movie Adult Version
GI Joe:AF: Cobra Commander Dagger + Leg Holster
Marvel Universe:AF: Super Hero Team Asst 201103
Pokemon:AF: B+W Deluxe Figure Series 2 Asst
Star Wars:AF: Vehicles Coll Mag: Dookus Solar Sailor 71
Thor:Hammer: Deluxe Prop Replica
Thor:Hammer: Prop Replica
Thor:Helmet: Movie Adult Size




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