Weekly Checklist for Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ahoy! Here are the comics, graphic novels, manga, books, action figures, statues, magazines and more coming to Jim Hanley's Universe Wednesday, April 6, 2011.

Items of the Week
Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth 2
Brightest Day 23
Fear Itself: Home Front 1
Hellboy: BPRD: Dead Remembered 1
Hercules: Herc 1

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Fables:TPB:15-Rose Red
Fear Itself 1

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Dark Horse Comics
Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth 2
Conan (4): Frazetta Cover Series 7
Conan:THC: 10-Iron Shadows in the Moon 10
Hellboy: BPRD: Dead Remembered 1
Let Me In: Crossroads 4
Outlaw Prince:TPB: Rob Hughes Thomas Yeates/Michael Kaluta
Solomon Kane (3): Red Shadows 1
Star Wars: Darth Vader + Lost Command 3
Usagi Yojimbo (3) 136
Witchfinder Lost + Gone Forever 3

DC Comics
Aaron and Ahmed:HGN
Batman Beyond (4) 4
Brightest Day 23
DC Universe Online: Legends 5
Doom Patrol (5) 21
Fables:TPB:15-Rose Red
First Wave: Special
Freedom Fighters 8
Green Lantern:TPB: Secret Origin: New Ed
House of Mystery 36
I, Zombie 12
JLA: 80 Page Giant 2011
Jonah Hex (2) 66
Justice Society of America: JSA: All Stars (2) 17
Looney Tunes (3) 197
Our Army at War:TPB: 2010
Red:TPB: Better Red Than Dead
Scooby-Doo (8): Where Are You? 8
Secret Six (2) 32
Superman/Batman: Annual 5
Sweet Tooth 20
Time Masters:TPB: Vanishing Point
Vertigo Resurrected: Hellblazer: Bad Blood
Weird Worlds 4

Image Comics
Art of Rob Schrab:THC: But I Cant Do Anything Else
Blue Estate 1
Chew 18
Daomu 3
Firebreather (3): Holmgang 2
Green Wake 1
Intrepids 2
Jack Staff (3): Weird World of Jack Staff 6
Madman: New Giant Size Super Ginchy Special One Shot 0
Madman:THC: Atomica
Memoir 3
Nonplayer 1
Orc Stain 6
Walking Dead (2): Weekly 14
Who Is Jake Ellis? 3
Yesterdays Tomorrows:TPB: 1-

Kid Approved
Archie and Friends Double Digest 4
Archie: Betty 191
Archie:THC: Best Of Dan DeCarlo: 2-
Chicagoland Detective Agency:GN: 2-Drained Brains Caper
Disney: Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers 5
Disney: Uncle Scrooge 402
My Boyfriend Is Monster:GN: 1-I Love Him to Pieces
My Boyfriend Is Monster:GN: 2-Made For Each Other

Manga Mania!
Animal Academy:GN: 7-Hakobune Hakusho
Blue Exorcist:GN: 1
Butterfly:GN: 1
Clean Freak: Fully Equipped:GN: 1-
Crimson Snow:GN:
Demon Sacred:GN: 4-
Dengeki Daisy:GN: 4-
Eensy Weensy Monster:GN: 2-
Eyeshield 21:GN: 35
Happy Cafe:GN: 7
Maid Sama:GN: 8
Natsume's Book of Friends:GN: 6
Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan:GN: 2
Pavane For Dead Girl:GN: 1-
Pokemon Adventures:GN: 12
Prince of Tennis:GN: 41-
Rosario + Vampire:GN: Season II 4
Sakura Hime:GN: Legend of Princess Sakura 1
Seiho Boys High School:GN: 5
Skip Beat:GN: 23
Skyblue Shore Sorairo Kaigan:GN 2
Slam Dunk:GN: 15
Stepping on Roses:GN: 5

Marvel Comics
Annihilators 2
Avengers: Young Avengers: Childrens Crusade 5
Avengers:THC: Avengers Prime Premiere
Captain America: Hail Hydra 4
Captain America: Ultimate Comics 4
Carnage 3.3
Chaos War:TPB:
Emma 2
Fear Itself 1
Fear Itself: Home Front 1
Fear Itself: Spotlight
Hercules: Herc 1
Heroes for Hire (3) 5
Iron Man:THC: Industrial Revolution Premiere
Marvel Masterworks:THC: Atlas: Strange Tales 4- (DME) (Vol 156)
Marvel Masterworks:THC: Atlas: Strange Tales 4- (MME)
Marvel Super Stars Magazine 2
Marvel Universe: Official Index: Avengers/Thor/Capt America 12
Marvel Zombies: Supreme 3
Marvel Zombies:TPB: 5-
Oz: Ozma Of Oz 5
Shadowland:THC: Power Man Premiere
Skaar: King of Savage Land 1
Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man: Annual 2011
Spider-Man: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility 1
Thunderbolts: From the Marvel Vault
Wolverine: Best There Is 5
Wolverine/Hercules: Myths Monsters And Mutants 2
X-Men: Deadpool Family
X-Men: The Uncanny X-Men Point One Issue 534.1
X-Men:TPB: The Essential: 5

Other Cool Comics
Abyss (2): Family Issues
Alex Toth:TPB: Adventures of Jon Fury in Japan (Special Ed)
Ayn Rand's Anthem:GN
Bring the Thunder 4
Charismagic 1
Dark Age:GN: 1-Dominion
Die Hard:TPB: Year One: 2-
Doctor Who: Classics (4) Seventh Doctor 3
Dungeons and Dragons (2) 5
Fallen Angel: Return of the Son 3
Farscape:THC: Uncharted Tales: 3-D'Argos Quest
Female Force: Rosie O'Donnell 24
Frazetta Classics:TPB: 1-Johnny Comet (Vanguard)
GI Joe:TPB: Tales From the Cobra Wars
Glamourpuss 18
Golden Age: Men of Mystery:TPB: 85-
Green Hornet: Aftermath 1
Grimm Fairy Tales:TPB: 9-
Indie Comics Magazine 2
Infestation 2
Iron Siege 3
Irredeemable 24
Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: Fool Moon 1
Judo Girl (3): So You Wanna Revolution 1
Jurassic Park: The Devils in the Desert 4
Least I Could Do:TPB: 4-I Wish You Were Chewbacca
Legend of the Scarlet Blades:THC:
Love And Capes: Ever After 3
MGM Midnight Movies:TPB: It, Terror From Beyond Stars + Motel Hell
Nancy Hernandez + Black Widows:GN
Oz: Royal Historian Of Oz 4
Oz/Wonderland Chronicles 4
Penny for Your Soul 6
Political Power: Glenn Beck 15
Raise the Dead II 4
Roger Corman Presents: Deathsport 4
Star Trek:TPB: Khan Ruling In Hell
Starcraft:GN: Ghost Academy 3
Superstar:TPB: 1-As Seen on TV
Technopriests:TPB: 3- Perfect Game
The Boys 53
Torpedo:THC: 3-
Transformers:TPB: Sector 7
Vincent Price Presents 27
Warcraft:GN: Shadow Wing: 2-Nexus Point

Cool Books
Chicks In Capes:SC: Book Market Ed
Chicks In Capes:SC: Direct Market Ed
Dr Horrible:SC: Sing Along Blog Book
Rough Justice:HC: The Sketches of Alex Ross (Ross + Kidd Bookplate Ed)
Whisperer:PB: Double Novel: 4-
Zorro:SC: More Tales Of Zorro

Comic Shop News:Promo-Bundle: 1242
Comics Buyer's Guide:Mag: 1677
Doctor Who:Mag: Unlimited 1
Hobby Japan:Mag: 87
Monster Bash:Mag: 11
Rue Morgue Magazine 110
Shonen Jump:Mag: (3) 101
Star Trek Magazine 33

Statues + Other Cool Stuff
Classic Marvel Figurine Coll Mag: 142-Silver Sable
DC Blackest Night:AF: Figurine Coll Mag: 2-Atrocitus
DC Superhero:AF: Figurine Coll Mag: 76-Big Barda
DC Universe Online:STA: Green Arrow
Green Lantern:Sign: Animated Light Up Display
Green Lantern:STA: Honor Guard Ring Prop Replica
DCU Justice League:AF: Unlimited Asst
Marvel Minimates:AF: Age of Apocalypse 4-Pack
Marvel Minimates:AF: New Mutants 4-Pack
Pez:Candy: Marvel 2011 Blister Pack 12 Ct Display
Ratchet + Clank:AF: Series 2: Balanced Case Asst




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