Free Comic Book Day Checklist for Saturday, May 7!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday, May 7 is Free Comic Book Day, and Jim Hanley's Universe in New York City has a ton planned! We're doing a signing with a bunch of great creators including Joe Staton, Dan Slott, Liz Lee and more, we're holding a Magic: The Gathering New Phyrexia pre-release at both locations, and everything in the store will be 25% Off for Customer Rewards Members through May 9!

But of course, the reason for the day, Free Comics! Here is this week's checklist of all the cool, FREE comics JHU will have at both locations on Saturday, May 7 while supplies last! And this is just the official list - as always, Jim Hanley's Universe will be spontaneously giving away tons of free goodies as the day goes on. Stay tuned to the JHU Twitter (@JHUniverse) as we will be updating throughout the day!

JHU Exclusive Giveaways!
All-Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder #1
Birds Of Prey #85
Daredevil Yellow #1
ACTOR [Hero Initiative] Presents - Vol 1 (152 Pages!)
House Of M #1
JLA Avengers #1
Legion Of Superheroes (Waid/Kitson) #1
Superman #75 (The Death Of Superman)
Wolverine 20 (Enemy of the State)
... And More!

Archie Comics
Archie: Pep Comics/Betty + Veronica: FCBD 2011
Archie: Sonic the Hedgehog: FCBD 2011

Dark Horse Comics

Avatar: The Last Airbender/Star Wars: Clone Wars: FCBD 2011

DC Comics
Green Lantern/Flashpoint Special Ed: FCBD 2011
Young Justice/Batman Brave + Bold Super Sampler: FCBD 2011

Image Comics
Artifacts/Darkness: FCBD 2011
Super Dinosaur Origin Special: FCBD 2011

Marvel Comics

Captain America/Thor: FCBD 2011
Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man: FCBD 2011

Oni Press
Oni Press: Rated Free for Everyone: FCBD 2011
Spontaneous: FCBD 2011
Other Cool Comics
2000 AD: FCBD 2011
Atomic Robo + Friends: FCBD 2011
Bongo Comics Free for All: FCBD 2011
Civil War Adventure: FCBD 2011
Deadliest Sharks + Prehistoric Predators: FCBD 2011
Disney: Darkwing Duck/Chip + Dale: Rescue Rangers: FCBD 2011
Disney: Mickey Mouse: FCBD 2011
Elric: Balance Lost: FCBD 2011
Geronimo Stilton + Smurfs: FCBD 2011
Ice: FCBD 2011
Inspector Gadget: FCBD 2011
Intrepid Escapegoat/Stuff of Legend: FCBD 2011
Jake the Dreaming: FCBD 2011
James Patterson's Witch + Wizard: FCBD 2011
John Stanley's Summer Fun: FCBD 2011
Kizoic: Kung Fu Panda + Richie Rich: FCBD 2011
Locke + Key: FCBD 2011
Magic the Gathering: Path of the Planeswalker II Preview: FCBD 2011
Misadventures of Adam West: FCBD 2011
Mouse Guard/Dark Crystal Flip Book: FCBD 2011
Overstreet Guide to Collecting Comics: FCBD 2011
Silver Scorpion: FCBD 2011
Tick: FCBD 2011
Top Shelf Kids Club: FCBD 2011
Worlds of Aspen: FCBD 2011

DC Heroclix:CMG: Green Lantern: FCBD 2011




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