Weekly Checklist for Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Ahoy! Here are the comics, graphic novels, manga, books, action figures, statues, magazines and more coming to Jim Hanley's Universe Wednesday, February 23, 2011.

Items of the Week
Avengers (4) 10
Avengers: Secret Avengers 10
Batman:AF: Arkham Asylum: Series 1-Balanced Case
Iron Man: Invincible Iron Man 501
Morning Glories 7
Scalped 46
Scalped:TPB: 7-Rez Blues
X-Men (3) 8

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Dark Horse Comics
Chronicles of Kull:TPB: 4-Blood of Kings and Other Stories
Conan: King Conan: Scarlet Citadel 1
Doctor Solar: Man of the Atom (3) 5
Kull: The Hate Witch 4
Metalocalypse Dethklok 3
Star Wars: Darth Vader + Lost Command 2
Star Wars: Legacy War 3

DC Comics
American Vampire 12
Batman: Detective Comics 874
Batman: Gotham City Sirens 20
Cartoon Network Action Pack 57
DCP: Batman Conspiracy
Green Arrow (4) 9
Hellblazer:GN: Pandemonium
JLA/The 99 5
Justice League of America:TPB: Showcase Presents
Justice League: Generation Lost 20
Justice League:THC: The Rise and Fall
Justice Society of America (2) 48
New York Five 2
Power Girl 21
Scalped 46
Scalped:TPB: 7-Rez Blues
Seven Soldiers Of Victory:THC: 2-
Superman: Action Comics 898
Teen Titans (8) 92
Telara Chronicles:TPB:

Image Comics

Angelus:TPB: 1-
Echoes 3
Godland 34
Mission 1
Morning Glories 7
Outlaw Territory:GN: 2
Savage Dragon (2) 169
Skullkickers 6
Spawn 203
Spawn: Architects of Fear (One Shot)
Spawn:THC: Origins 3
Term Life:GN
Turf 4
Walking Dead (2): Weekly 8
Who Is Jake Ellis? 2

Kid Approved

Disney: Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 716
Muppet Show:TPB: Sherlock Holmes
Simpsons: Bart Simpson's Comics 58

Manga Mania!

7 Billion Needles:GN: 3-
Blue Sheep Reverie:GN: 3
Death Note:TPB: Black Ed 2
Dragon Girl:GN: 2
Higurashi When They Cry:GN: 11-Eye Opening Arc Pt 1
Ichiroh:GN: 4-
Raiders:GN: 5
Soul Eater:TPB: 5-
Sumomomo Momomo:GN: 7

Marvel Comics
Avengers (4) 10
Avengers: Secret Avengers 10
Captain America (5) 615
Fantastic Four 588
Halo: Fall Of Reach: Boot Camp 4
Hulk: Incredible Hulk (1) 623
Iron Man 2.0 1
Iron Man: Invincible Iron Man 501
Iron Man:THC: Invincible: 6-Stark Resilient Book 2
Iron Man/Thor 4
Marvel Masterworks:THC: Golden Age Mystic Comics: 1-
Marvel Masterworks:THC: Golden Age Mystic Comics: 1- (Vol 154)
Marvel Masterworks:THC: The Sub-Mariner: 4- (MME)
Marvel Masterworks:THC: The Sub-Mariner: 4- (Vol 153) (DME)
Namor: The First Mutant 7
Orson Scott Card's Speaker For Dead 2
Power Man and Iron Fist 2
Punisher: In the Blood 4
Shadowland:THC: Daredevil Premiere
Shadowland:THC: Street Fighters Premiere
Shadowland:THC: Thunderbolts Premiere
Spider-Man: Marvel Adventures (2) 11
Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 655
Spider-Man: Ultimate Comics 154
Spider-Woman:TPB: Agent of SWORD
Stand:THC: Hardcases Premiere
Thor (3) 620
Thor:THC: Godstorm
Thor:THC: Quest for Odin Premiere (Mass Mkt Ed)
Thor:THC: Quest for Odin Premiere (Vol 60) (Direct Mkt Ed)
Ultimate Comics: Doom 3
Vampire Tales:TPB: 2-
Warriors Three 4
X-23 6
X-Factor:THC:10-Happenings In Vegas
X-Men (3) 8
X-Men: Deadpool (4) 33
X-Men: Deadpool Corps 11
X-Men: Deadpool Team-Up 884
X-Men: First Class:GN 1
X-Men: Legacy (2) 245
X-Men: New Mutants (4) 22
X-Men: The Astonishing X-Men 36
X-Men: The Uncanny X-Men 533
X-Men: To Serve And Protect 4
X-Men:THC: Curse Of Mutants: Mutants Vs. Vampires
X-Men:THC: Curse of the Mutants
X-Men:THC: Legacy: 5-Collision
X-Men:TPB: Astonishing X-Men: 6-Exogenetic

Other Cool Comics
1001 Arabian Nights:TPB: 2-Sinbad: City of the Dead
10th Muse: Manga Giant Sized One Shot
Abyss (2): Family Issues 1
Atomic Robo: Deadly Art of Science 4
Black Terror 14
Buffy: Angel: After the Fall 42
Buffy: Spike 5
Cavewoman: Hunt 2
Crossed: Psychopath 1
Dean Koontz's Frankenstein: Prodigal Son (2) 3
Dracula: Company Of Monsters 7
Echo: TM 28
Eternal Descent 6
Fallen Angel: Return of the Son 1
Fallen Angel: Return of the Son 2
Fame: Beyonce Knowles 10
Feeding Ground 4
Freakangels:THC: 5-
Freakangels:TPB: 5-
Ghost Projekt:THC: 1-
GI Joe (8) 27
Green Hornet: Blood Ties 4
Green Hornet: Kevin Smith: Kato 8
Green Hornet:TPB: 2-Wearing Green 2
Grimm Fairy Tales:TPB: Different Seasons
Incorruptible 15
Kill Shakespeare 9
Lady Death (Ongoing) 2
Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson:TPB: 1-Moon Called
Poe + Phillips:GN:
Red Sonja: Queen Sonja 14
Reed Crandall Reader:TPB:
Roger Corman Presents: Deathsport 3
Sixth Gun 9
Stan Lee's: Traveler 4
Star Trek: Infestation 2
The White Viper:GN:
Transformers: Movie: 3-Prequel: Foundation 1
Transformers: Rising Storm 1
True Blood: Tainted 1
Victoria's Secret Service vs. Gearz (One Shot)
Vietnam Journal:TPB: 6-Bloodbath at Khe Sanh
Vincent Price Presents 26

Cool Apparel
Deadpool:Hoodie: Icon Blk (Medium to 2X Large)
Thor:Hoodie: Hamburst Blk Zip-up (Medium to 2X Large)

Cool Books
Art of Boom! Studios:SC
Deepest Dark:SC: A Spooky Tale Illustrated Novel
Extreme Perspective For Artists:SC
Hunger Of Seven Squat Bears:HGN
Illustrators 52:TPB: Annual of American Illustration 52
See/Saw:SC: Connections Between Japanese Art Then + Now
Star Wars:HC: Mysteries Of The Jedi
Works:SC: Art of Billy Martinez 1994-2008
Working with Disney:TPB

Comic Shop News 1236
Filmfax:Mag: 126
Heavy Metal Magazine <2k> Spring 2011 138
Megami:Mag: 56 E+HB
Monsters From the Vault 28
Newtype:Mag: 43 E+HB
Pacesetter: The George Perez Magazine (2) 11
Supernatural:Mag: Newsstand Ed 23

Statues + Other Cool Stuff
Captain America:STA: WWII Mini-Bust
DC Chronicles:STA: Sandman
JLA:STA: Trophy Room: Sinestro Battery Prop Replica
Spider-Man:STA: Sandman Full Statue
Star Wars:Glass: 4pc 10oz Set

Batman:AF: Arkham Asylum: Series 1-Balanced Case
Diary of a Wimpy Kid:AF: Greg Heffley
Freddy Krueger:AF: 7 Inch Plush
Friday the 13th:AF: Jason 7 Inch Plush
Halloween:AF: Michael Myers 7 Inch Plush

Trading Cards
Marvel:TC: Legends of Marvel: 2-




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