Weekly Checklist for Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ahoy! Here are the comics, graphic novels, manga, books, action figures, statues, magazines and more coming to Jim Hanley's Universe Wednesday, December 22, 2010.

American Vampire 10
Avengers: Secret Avengers 8
Axe Cop:TPB: 1-
Batman Inc. 2
Fantastic Four 586
Green Lantern: Larfleeze Christmas Special 1
Incal:THC: Classic Collection Deluxe
Iron Man: Invincible Iron Man 33
Morning Glories 5
Superior 3
X-Men (3) 6

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Dark Horse Comics
Axe Cop:TPB: 1-
Guild: Vork 1
Kull: The Hate Witch 2
Neon Genesis Evangelion:GN: Shinji Ikari Raising Project 7
Robert E Howard's Savage Sword 1
Sinfest:TPB: Viva La Resistance
Star Wars: Invasion: Rescues 6
Usagi Yojimbo (3) 134

DC Comics
American Vampire 10
Batman Inc. 2
Batman: Annual 28
Batman: Azrael (2) 15
Batman: Detective Comics 871.2
Batman: Streets Of Gotham 18
Batman: The Outsiders (2) 35
Batman:THC:Archives: The Dark Knight Archives: 7-
Blue Beetle:TPB: 6-Black And Blue
Cartoon Network Action Pack 55
DC Universe: Legacies 8
DCP: Superman 3
DCP: Young Justice 3
Fables:SC-Novel: Peter + Max: A Novel
Green Lantern Corps 55
Green Lantern: Larfleeze Christmas Special 1
Hellblazer 274
Hitman:TPB: 3-
Justice League of America (4) 52
Justice League: Generation Lost 16
Legion of Super-Heroes (6) 8
Power Girl 19
Ratchet And Clank 4
Superman/Batman 79
Teen Titans: Cold Case
Teen Titans:TPB: Ravager: 1-Fresh Hell
Telara Chronicles 4
Wildcats 30
Wonder Woman (3) 605
World of Warcraft: Curse of the Worgen 2
X-Files/30 Days Of Night 6
Zatanna 8

Image Comics
Age of Bronze 31
Artifacts 4
Bomb Queen 3
Chew 16
Dynamo 5: Holiday Special 2010 1
Haunt 12
Invincible 76
Mice Templar (3) 1
Morning Glories 4.2
Morning Glories 5
Savage Dragon (2) 167
Skullkickers 4
Top Cow Holiday 2010 Special
Viking:TPB: 1-Long Cold Fire

Kid Approved
Archie {Comics} 616
Archie: Betty and Veronica Digest 210
Archie: Sonic the Hedgehog (2) 220
Emily the Strange:THC: 3-Dark Times
Mad Magazine 507
Mickey Mouse + Friends 303
Pocket God 2
Royal Historian of Oz 3
Simpsons: Bart Simpson Comics 57
Toy Story: Tales From Toy Chest 4
Walt Disney's Comics + Stories 714

Manga Mania!
A Single Match:HC
Chi Sweet Home:GN: 4
Fruits Basket:HGN: Ultimate Ed 6
Gente:TPB: 2
I'll Give It My All Tomorrow:GN: 2
Naoki Urasawa's 20th Century Boys:GN: 12
Ooku Inner Chambers:GN 5
Peepo Choo:GN:

Marvel Comics
Avengers: Secret Avengers 8
Black Widow:THC: Name of Rose Premiere
Chaos War: Dead Avengers 2
Fantastic Four 586
Hit-Monkey:TPB: Year of Monkey
Hulk: Incredible Hulk (1) 619
Iron Man: Invincible Iron Man 33
Iron Man: Rapture 3
Klaws of Panther 4
Marvels:TPB: Eye Of Camera
Namor: First Mutant 5
Punisher: In Blood 2
Punisher:THC: Vs. Marvel Universe
Spider-Man: Marvel Adventures (2) 9
Spider-Man: Ultimate Comics 151
Spider-Man:TPB: Real Clone Saga
Superior 3
Thor: Wolves North
Thor:TPB: vs. Seth the Serpent God
Ultimate Comics: Doom 1
What If: Dark Reign
X-Men (3) 6
X-Men: Deadpool (4) 30
X-Men: Deadpool Pulp 4
X-Men: Legacy 243
X-Men: Noir:TPB: Mark of Cain
X-Men: The Uncanny X-Men 531

Other Cool Comics
28 Days Later 18
Abattoir 2
Alan Moore's Neonomicon 3
Amory Wars (3): Keeping Secrets On Silent Earth 7
Buffy: Angel: Illyria 2
Cyclops 1
Demi + Sex Squad: Giant Size 1
Fame: The Cast of Glee 8
Father Yod + the Source Brotherhood 1
Femforce 154
FX:TPB: 2-Lost Land
GI Joe:TPB: 10-Classic GI Joe
Gold Digger: Christmas Special 4
Good Eggs:GN: A Memoir
Green Hornet: Golden Age Remastered 5
Green Hornet: Kevin Smith: Kato 6
Green Hornet: Year One 7
Grimm Fairy Tales 54
Grimm Fairy Tales: Giant-Size Holiday Ed 2010 3
Grimm Fairy Tales:TPB: Tales From Wonderland: 3-
Incal:THC: Classic Collection Deluxe
Incorruptible 13
Incorruptible:TPB: 3-
Joe Hill's The Cape: One-Shot
John Moore Presents Dead Soldier 4
Kill Shakespeare 8
Knights of the Dinner Table 169
Last Zombie 3
Logan's Run: Last Day 5
Lone Ranger and Tonto 4
Nanny + Hank 2
Phantom:TPB: Generations
Phantom:TPB: Guardian of the Eastern Dark
Phantom:TPB: KGB Noir: 1-The Hammer
Reid Fleming:THC: World's Toughest Milkman 1
Return of the Originals: Battle For L.A.
Robert Jordan's Wheel Of Time: Eye of the World 7
Roger Corman Presents: Deathsport 1
Rotten:TPB: 1-Reactivated
Sherlock Holmes/Kolchak:GN: Cry Of Thunder
Sixth Gun 7
Stan Lee: Traveler 2
Stargate:TPB: Vala Mal Doran
Stuff of Legend (2): The Jungle 3
Tank Girl: Bad Wind Rising 1
The Waking:TPB:
Three Thieves:GN: 1-Tower of Treasure
Train Me Gamble:TPB: 1-
Untouchable: One-Shot
Vampirella:THC: Archives: 1-
Vincent Price Presents 24
Warlord of Mars 3

Cool Apparel
Tokidoki X Marvel:Hoodie: Marvel Heroes Zip-up
Tokidoki X Marvel:Hoodie: Spider-Man: Web Zip-up
Tokidoki X Marvel:Hoodie: Vs Red Skull Zip-up
Tokidoki X Marvel:Hoodie: Wolverine Zip-up
Tokidoki X Marvel:TS: Captain America: All American Cement
Tokidoki X Marvel:TS: Captain America: All American Juniors
Tokidoki X Marvel:TS: Hulk: Big Bone Juniors
Tokidoki X Marvel:TS: Hulk: Smash Blue
Tokidoki X Marvel:TS: Iron Man: Touchdown Green
Tokidoki X Marvel:TS: Silver Surfer: Traffic Juniors
Tokidoki X Marvel:TS: Thor: Mighty Storm
Tokidoki X Marvel:TS: Thor: Thunder Juniors

Cool Books
Jeffrey Jones:HC: A Life In Art
Neil Gaiman:PB: Graveyard Book
Vampirella:HC: Art of

Comic Shop News:Promo-Bundle: 1227
Comics Revue Presents Dec 2010 8
Famous Monsters Of Filmland 253
Hobby Japan:Mag: 83
Megami:Mag: 54
Newtype:Mag: 41
Star Wars:Mag: Insider 122
Video Watchdog:Mag: 160

Statues + Other Cool Stuff
Superman:STA: Vs Muhammad Ali Statue
Toon Tumblers:Glass: Robin Pint
Walt Disney Classic Comics:STA: Scrooge McDuck: Cash Register Concerto

Blackest Night:AF: 6-Balanced Case Asst
Blammoids:AF: 4-Master Case Asst
Classic Marvel Figurine Coll Mag: 136-Snowbird
Classic Marvel Figurine Coll Mag: 137-Wasp
DC Comics:AF: Kubrick: 75th Annniversary
DC Superhero:AF: Figurine Coll Mag: 70-Power Girl
DC Superhero:AF: Figurine Coll Mag: 71-Lightning Lad
Halo:AF: Minimates: Series 1 Box Set
Marvel Select:AF: Deadpool
Star Wars:AF: Vehicles Coll Mag: 57-Zam Wesell Airspeed




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