Weekly Checklist for Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ahoy! Here are the comics, graphic novels, manga, books, action figures, statues, magazines and more coming to Jim Hanley's Universe Wednesday, April 14, 2010.


Ares: Savage Axe of Ares 1
Brightest Day 0 (FREE Green Lantern Ring with every purchase while supplies last!)
Crossed:TPB: 1-<0-9> Garth Ennis + Jacen Burrows>
Daredevil(2) 506
Doc Savage 1
Flash(4) 1 (FREE FLASH RING with every purchase while supplies last!)
Hulk: World War Hulks: Hulked Out Heroes 1
Iron Man: Legacy 1
Irredeemable: Special 1
Phantom/Captain Action 1
Punisher(9): MAX 6
Siege: Captain America 1

One Dollar Comics!
Hulk: Marvel's Greatest Comics 1
Ex Machina 1
Losers 1

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Archie Comics
Archie: Betty and Veronica 247
Archie: Digest Magazine 263
Archie: Sonic Universe 15
Archie:TPB: New Look Series: 4-My Fathers Betrayal

Boom! Studios
Cold Space 1
Disney: Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 705
Disney:THC: Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck 2
Farscape: Scorpius 0
Hunter's Fortune:TPB: 1-<1-4> Cosby/Monroe + Cossin>
Irredeemable: Special 1
Muppet Show 4

Dark Horse Comics
Gunsmith Cats:GN: Burst 5
Hellboy: BPRD: King of Fear 4
Hellcyon 1
Star Wars: Dark Times 16

DC Comics
Adventure Comics 10
Batgirl(3) 9
Batman 698
Batman: Gotham City Sirens:THC: 1-Union<1-7> Dini/Lobdell + March>
Booster Gold: All New (2) 31
Brightest Day 0
Dante's Inferno 5
Daytripper 5
DMZ 52
Doc Savage 1
Ex Machina 1 Vaughan + Harris/F>
Fables 94
Flash(4) 1
Free Realms 8
Gen 13(4) 35
Green Arrow(4) 32
Human Target(3) 3
Jonah Hex:TPB: 8-Six Gun War<44-49> Palmiotti/Gray + Cucina>
Losers 1 Andy Diggle + Jock>
Magog 8
Name of the Flower:GN 4
Other Lives:HGN:
Power Girl:TPB: 2-A New Beginning<1-6> Gray/Palmiotti + Amanda Conner>
Scooby-Doo(7) 155
Secret Six(2) 20
Shield(2) 8
Superman: Action Comics 888
Superman:TPB: Chronicles 8
Tom Strong:THC: Deluxe Edition: 2<13-24> Moore/Moore/Hogan + E+HB>
Unwritten 12

Dynamite Entertainment
Army of Darkness 27
Buck Rogers 10
Green Hornet: Year One 2

Fantagraphics Books
Basil Wolverton's Culture Corner:THC:
Mome:TPB: 18-

IDW Publishing
A-Team: War Stories: Face 1
Buffy: Angel: Barbary Coast 1
GI Joe: Operation Hiss 3
Jetta:THC: Library of Toon Arts #3
Kill Shakespeare 1
Pantheon 1
Pilgrim 1
Star Trek: McCoy 1
Transformers: Nefarious 2
Transformers:TPB: Tales of the Fallen<1-6> Furman/Mowry + Magno/Milne>
We Will Bury You 2
Weekly World News 4
Wire Hangers 1

Image Comics
Chew 10
Dead@17: Witch Queen 2
Existence 3.0 3
Fall Out Toy Works 4
Forgetless 4
God Complex 5
Light 1
Loaded Bible:TPB: 1
Mice Templar(2): Destiny 8
Savage Dragon (2) 159
Witchblade: Angelus 3

Manga Mania!
Half World:HGN:

Marvel Comics
1602:TPB: New World/Fantastick Four
Ares: Savage Axe of Ares 1
Black Widow(3) 1
Daredevil(2) 506
Ender's Game: League War
Hulk: Marvel's Greatest Comics 1
Hulk: World War Hulks: Hulked Out Heroes 1
Iron Man: Legacy 1
Iron Man: Noir 1
Iron Man:TPB: The Essential Iron Man 4 <39-61> E+HB>
Kick-Ass:THC: (Mass Mkt Ed) <1-8> Millar + Romita Jr/Pal>
Lockjaw And the Pet Avengers(2): Unleashed 2
Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes(2) 1
Marvel Super Hero Squad 4
Powers(3) 4
Punisher(9): MAX 6
Runaways:TPB: True Believers<1-6> Vaughan + Alphona>
Siege: Captain America 1
Siege: Loki 1
Siege: Young Avengers 1
Spider-Man: Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Jackpot 3
Spider-Man: Origin Of Hunter 1
Spider-Man: Web of Spider-Man (2) 7
Spider-Man:GN: MA: 15-Parker vs X-Men 15 <58-61> Tobin + Lolli/Nauck/Dewey>
Spider-Man:THC: Gauntlet: 2-Rhino + Mysterio<617-621> Kelly/Slott + Fiumara/Martin>
Spider-Man:TPB: Died In Your Arms Tonight
Ultimate Comics: Enemy 3
Wolverine: Origins:THC: 7-Seven the Hard Way<41-45> Daniel Way + Doug Braithwaite>
Wolverine: Weapon X:TPB: 1-Adamantium Men<1-5> Jason Aaron + Ron Garney>
X-Factor: X-Factor Forever 2
X-Men: Deadpool Team-Up 894
X-Men: Excalibur:TPB: Visionaries: Warren Ellis 1 <83-90> Ellis + E+HB>
X-Men: First Class: Uncanny:TPB: 1-Knights Of Hykon<5-8> Gray + Cruz/Koblish/DeCastro>
X-Men: Forever 21
X-Men: New Mutants(4) 12

Other Cool Comics
Amelia Rules:TPB: Tweenage Guide to Not Being Unpopular
Atomic Robo: Revenge of the Vampire Dimension 2
Black History Leaders:TPB:
Captain Action: Special 1
Crossed:TPB: 1-<0-9> Garth Ennis + Jacen Burrows>
Domino Lady 5
Exploded View:GN:
Fevre Dream 1
Gold Digger: Peebri's Big Adventure One Shot
Hack/Slash Series 31
How To Survive Working In Retail 2
Mindfield 0
Phantom/Captain Action 1
Rabid Rabbit 11
Ray Harryhausen Presents:TPB: 10th Muse Crossovers
Rock N Roll Comics:GN: 2-Hard Rock Heroes
The Bogre 2
The Bogre 3
Wolfskin: Hundredth Dream 1
Xoc 3

Viz Media
Case Closed: Detective Conan:GN: 34
Dogs:GN 3
Excel Saga:GN: 21
Inu-Yasha:GN: 47
Yakitate Japan:GN: 22

Cool Books
Art In Time: Unknown Comic Adventures 1940-1980 :HC:
Art That Creeps:HC: Gothic Fantasies and the Macabre in Cont
Burlesque Poster Design:HC: The Art of Tease
Cartoon Music Book:SC:
Doc Savage:PB: 35-Double Novel
Fox Trot:TPB: Sundaes
Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book:SC:
Kustom Graphics:HC: Hot Rods, Burlesque, + Rock and Roll
Look At This F*cking Hipster:SC:
New Yorker:THC: School Days
Pearls Before Swine:TPB: 50,000,000 Pearls Fans Can't Be Wro
Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book:SC:
Shadow:PB: 36-Double Novel
Street Art and the War on Terror:HC:
Street Artists:SC: The Complete Guide
Superman:HC: Story of Man of Steel Ralph Cosentino>
Teen-Aged Dope Slaves and Reform School Girls:SC
Wonder Woman:HC: Amazon/Icon/Hero

Comic Shop News:Promo-Bundle: 1191
Comics Buyer's Guide:Mag: 1666
Dodgem Logic:Mag: 2
Filmfax:Mag: 123
G-Fan:Mag: 91
Lost:Mag: Official Magazine 29
Newtype:Mag: 33

Statues + Other Cool Stuff
DC:Tumbler: 10oz 4-Glass Set
Star Trek:Flask: Starfleet Symbol Flask
Star Trek:Mug: 12oz Decal Mug
Star Trek:Tumbler: 10oz 4-Glass Set
Star Wars:Mug: 12oz Ceramic
Star Wars:Mug: 16oz Travel Mug
Superman:Mug: 12oz Decal Mug
Superman:Mug: 18oz Man of Steel Mug
Superman:Tumbler: 16oz 2-Glass Set
Women of the DC Universe:STA: 3-Batgirl Bust
Wonder Woman:Mug: Blue Close-Up Mug
Wonder Woman:Mug: Plastic Travel Mug
Wonder Woman:Mug: Strength & Beauty Mug

Emily the Strange:AF: Doll
Frank Kozik:AF: Mongers Menthol Mini Fig
Marvel Minimates:AF: Series 34 Asst 34
Simpsons:AF: Mini Fig 1




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