First Week Deal: IRON MAN 25 is 40% Off through 5/4!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This has been a huge week for sales announcements here at Jim Hanley's Universe! First, we announce that for the entire month of May, EVERYTHING at both JHU stores will be a wogboggling 25% Off!

On top of that, we've launched a new initiative: The JHU First Week Deal! Every week beginning in JUNE, we will spotlight a cool new book we think you should give a try by making it up to 40% Off! As part of the pilot program, we've already announced that Wilson by Dan Clowes is 40% Off until May 4 - now we are happy to announce that Invincible Iron Man 25 is 40% Off at both JHU Locations until May 4 while supplies last*!

Iron Man 25 (the best superhero comic of the year in '09 and shaping up to do the same in '10) by Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca is the start of a new story arc and a perfect jumping on point for new readers! Tony Stark must piece together the fragments of his shattered life and mind and lead the charge in the new Heroic Age! With a new armor and new storyline just in time for Iron Man 2, NOW is the time to jump on board one of the best comics around! And at 40% Off, how can you not?

If you read our twitter, you already knew about this! We will announce all First Week Deals EXCLUSIVELY on Twitter starting in JUNE before it is noted here on the blog so check out or follow @JHUniverse!


*Excludes premium variant covers. Some restrictions apply.



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