JHU on the Science Channel!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beginning Tuesday, the Science Channel presents Sci-Fi Science: How To Become A Superhero starring one of Earth's Scientists Supreme, Michio Kaku!

Aside from the expected awesomeness of such a program (check out clips from the series here), what does this have to do with JHU? Well, Jim Hanley's Universe in Manhattan was where the good folks at the Science Channel shot a bunch of scenes for the premier episode a year or so ago! Cool!

So see the best comic book store in the world beginning this Tuesday on the Science Channel!

Sci Fi Science: "How to Become a Superhero" with Michio Kaku

January 26, 10:00 pm on the Science Channel
January 27, 1:00 am on the Science Channel
January 27, 5:00 pm on the Science Channel
January 28, 5:00 am on the Science Channel




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