Weekly Checklist for Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ahoy! Here are the comics, graphic novels, manga, books, action figures, statues, magazines and more coming to Jim Hanley's Universe Wednesday, June 10, 2009.


Art of Harvey Kurtzman:HC:
Batman 687
Batman: Red Robin 1
Fantastic Four 567
Final Crisis:HC-Comp:<1-7> Morrison + Jones/Mahnke>
Flash: Rebirth 3
Green Lantern Corps 37
Lockjaw And the Pet Avengers 2
Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 597
Star Trek: Wrath Of Khan 1
Thor: Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter 1
Unwritten 2 (We have copies of the $1 first issue in stock! Now is your chance to try this hot new book!)
Walking Dead (2) 62
X-Men: First Class: Uncanny X-Men First Class Giant-Size Spe 1
X-Men: Forever 1

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Archie Comics
Archie and Friends 132
Archie's Pals 'n' Gals Double Digest 132
Archie: Sonic the Hedgehog (2) 201

Boom! Studios
Toy Story: Mysterious Stranger 1
Unthinkable 2
Zombie Tales:SC-Comp: 4-This Bites 4

Dark Horse Comics
Conan:HC-Comp: DH: 7-Cimmeria 7 Truman+ Giorello/Corben>
Hellboy: BPRD: War on Frogs 3

DC Comics
Batman 686 <3rd> Gaiman + Kubert>
Batman 687
Batman and Robin 1 Morrison + Quitely>
Batman Confidential 30
Batman: Red Robin 1
Booster Gold: All New (2) 21 Jurgens/Sturges + Jurgens/Norton>
DMZ 42
Fables 85
Final Crisis: Aftermath: Escape 2
Final Crisis:HC-Comp:<1-7> Morrison + Jones/Mahnke>
Final Crisis:SC-Comp: Companion

Flash: Rebirth 1 <3rd> Johns + Van Sciver>
Flash: Rebirth 3
Flash:SC-Comp: The Human Race<136-141> Morrison/Millar + Ryan/Wagner>
Gen 13(4) 30
Green Lantern Corps 37
Green Lantern:SC-Comp:Showcase Presents Green Lantern: 4 <60-75>
JSA: JSA vs Kobra: Engines Of Faith 1
R.E.B.E.L.S. (2) 5
Red:SC-Comp: New Edition
Scooby-Doo(7) 145
SHAZAM!: Billy Batson And the Magic of Shazam 5
Spirit(3) 29
Storming Paradise 6
Super Friends 16
Superman: Action Comics 878
Superman:SC-Comp: Last Son<844-846,> Johns/Donner + Ku>
Titans (2) 14
Unwritten 2
Young Liars:SC-Comp: 2-Maestro 2

Dynamite Entertainment
Army of Darkness 21
Buck Rogers 1
Sherlock Holmes 2
Super-Zombies 4
Terminator: Revolution 5

IDW Publishing
30 Days Of Night:SC-Comp: 30 Days Til Death
American McGees: Grimm 2
Buffy: Angel: Blood And Trenches 4
Doctor Who: Autopia (one Shot)
GI Joe: Origins 4
GI Joe:SC-Comp: Best Of (Worst of) Destro<11,14,33,57,78,87>Larry Hama + E+HB>
Life And Times of Savior 28 3
Star Trek: Wrath Of Khan 1
Transformers: Movie Adaptation: Revenge of the Fallen 4
Transformers:HC-Comp: I Am Optimus Prime
Veil 1

Image Comics
Overlook 3
Proof 20
Savage Dragon (2) 149
Strange Adventures of HP Lovecraft 2
Walking Dead (2) 62
Witchblade/Darkness/Angelus: Trinity: Blood On Sands (One Sh
Witchblade:SC-Comp: Origins: 2-Revelations 2 <9-17> Wohl/Christina Z + Silvestri/Turn>

Marvel Comics
Adam: Legend of Blue Marvel:SC-Comp<1-5> Kevin Grevioux + Mat Broome>
Avengers: Dark Avengers 4 <2nd> Bendis + Deodato>
Captain Britain And MI 13:SC-Comp: 2-Hell Comes to Birmingha 2 <5-9> Cornell + Kirk/Oliffe>
Dark Reign:SC-Comp: Deadpool/Thunderbolts Diggle/Way + Medina/>
Ender's Game: Recruiting Valentine
Fantastic Four 567
Lockjaw And the Pet Avengers 2
Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes 12
Marvel Illustrated:HC-Comp: Kidnapped
Miss America Comics: Timely Comics 70th Anniv Special 1
Pride + Predjudice 3
Punisher(7) 71
Runaways:SC-Comp: 1-Dead Wrong 1 <1-6> Terry Moore + Humberto Ramos>
Runaways:SC-GN: Marvel Adventures 8 Whedon + Ryan>
Spider-Man: The Amazing Spider-Man 597
Sub-Mariner:HC-Comp: Depths
Supreme Power:HC-Comp: High Command<13-18> Straczynski + Frank/Sibal>
Thor: Beta Ray Bill: Godhunter 1
Thor: Tales of Asgard 2
Thor:SC-Comp: The Essential Thor 4 <167-195> E+HB>
Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk 5 <2nd> Lindelof + Yu>
War Of Kings: Savage World Of Skaar
Wolverine(3) 74
X-Factor(3) 44
X-Men: Cable(3) 14 <2nd>
X-Men: Deadpool(4) 10 <2nd>
X-Men: Deadpool(4) 11
X-Men: Deadpool:SC-Comp: Secret Invasion 1 Daniel Way + Paco Medina>
X-Men: Excalibur:SC-Comp: Visionaries: Alan Davis: 1- 1 <42-50> Alan Davis + Davis/Mark Farmer>
X-Men: First Class: Uncanny X-Men First Class Giant-Size Spe 1
X-Men: Forever 1
X-Men: GeneXt: United 2
X-Men: New Mutants (4) 1 <2nd>
X-Men: Noir:HC-Comp<1-4> Van Lente + Calero>
X-Men: The End:SC-Comp: Trilogy
X-Men: The Uncanny X-Men 511

NBM Publishing
Classics Illustrated:HC-GN: 5- Hamlet 5
Tales From the Crypt 12

Other Cool Comics
2000 AD 1635
Absolution 0
Anna Mercury(2) 1
Autobiography of Rik Angeles 2
Channel Evil 1
Doctor Who:SC-Comp: Cold Day In Hell E+HB>
Fathom: Kiani:SC-Comp: 1-Blade of Fire 1
Hack/Slash Series 23
Horror of War
Monkey Vices
Neon Girl 0
Neon Girl 1
Owls 2
Papercutter 9
Papercutter 10
Phantom: Ghost Who Walks 3
PS Comics:SC-GN:
Requiem:SC-GN: Resurrection
Resurrection(2) 1
Roasted Turkey
Sammy and Syd 1
Sammy and Syd 2
Soul Exodus:SC: 1- The End of the World As We Know It 1
Soul Exodus:SC: 2- In the Morning 2
Soulfire: New World Order 2
Street Fighter: Legends: Chun Li 3
What Are You Thinking?
Winters In Lavelle 1
You're Talking With the Wrong Person

Future Diary:SC-GN: 2
Pixie:SC-GN: 2
Takeru Opera Susanoh: Swords of the Devil:SC-GN: Vol 01(of 1

Viz Media
Bleach:SC-GN: 27
Detroit Metal City:SC-GN: 1
Dragon Drive:SC-GN: 14

Batman:T-Shirt: Face III By Ross
Joker:T-Shirt: Face By Ross

Cool Books
Art of Harvey Kurtzman:HC:
Doc Savage:SC-Novel: 26-Double Novel 26
Doctor Who:Mag: Special 22 <200>
Shadow:SC-Novel: 27-Double Novel 27
Terminator:HC: Art of Terminator Salvation
Terminator:SC: Terminator Salvation Movie Companion
The Undertaking:SC-GN:

Comic Shop News:Promo-Bundle: 1147
Juxtapoz:Mag 30
Lee's Toy Review:Mag: 199
Supernatural:Mag: 10
Torchwood:Mag: 15
ToyFare: The Toy Magazine 144

Statues + Other Cool Stuff
Cover Girls of the DCU:Bisque: Wonder Woman
DC Superhero:Fig: Figurine Coll Mag: 10-Ra's Al-Ghul 10
DC Superhero:Fig: Figurine Coll Mag: 11-Lex Luthor 11
DC Superhero:Fig: Figurine Coll Mag: 28-Sinestro 28
DC Superhero:Fig: Figurine Coll Mag: Special: 3- 3
Superman:Bisque: Christopher Reeve As Superman
X-Men:Bisque: Marvel X-Men: Classic Fine Art Bust


DC:Fig: Universe: Infinite Heroes
JSA:Fig: Alex Ross: 1-Series 1
Star Wars:Fig: Basic Asst
Wolverine:Fig: Animated: Wolverine + the X-Men
World of Warcraft:Fig: Lady Vash Master Case




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