Vito's Personal Pan Pizza Pick of the Week - 2/20/08

Friday, February 22, 2008

I wanted to pick MIGHTY AVENGERS #9, but when there's three or four double-page splashes in a well-paced comic, I feel cheated. It was a good comic, one of the better ones of the week (it reminded me of the old days, which is what this book should do) but not the pick of the week. Gerard Way, you get your first PotW from me and here's why...

When you do a limited series in comic book format, you can't necessarily "write for the trade." You can, but it's always better, from a reader's standpoint, to read a well written, well drawn comic that goes on for as long as it has to. If you invest the time and money into a book, you're hooked and you're in for the duration. Many limited series can always be longer (INFINITE CRISIS, anyone?) and rarely should they be shorter. But UMBRELLA ACADEMY was perfectly paced. Perfectly. Like a piece of music, which should be expected of Gerard Way, a musician by day for My Chemical Romance. Way somehow exceeded all expectations with this diddy of a comic, and crafted, with Gabriel Ba (of CASANOVA fame), the perfect yet quirky mini series. If you missed it, definitely get all the second printings. There were plenty of extras in the comic, and there's no telling what will be there in the trade (more, maybe less?) but this was, as you can tell from Caleb and my praise, one of the highlights of the year and is definitely heading for an Eisner.

And it deserves to win.



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