Vito's Personal Pan Pizza Pick of the Week - 2/13/08

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You won't find a more appropriate Valentine's Day story this week than NEW AVENGERS #38.

Know what I like about this issue? It's reminiscent of the old Claremont/Byrne days on UNCANNY X-MEN. The stories in between the fights have just as much drama, and this week, NEW AVENGERS #38 has it in spades. It's more or less a two character piece, as Luke and Jessica Cage take center stage. What gets me the most is the interaction...the dialogue is especially strong here. It's almost as if Bendis had this argument before and filed it away for future use. The dialogue is almost too raw and too real. It's like watching your parents argue...some strong words are thrown and you can't take them back. Bendis has said that Luke Cage is his favorite character on the New Avengers, and it shows here...just like NEW AVENGERS #22. No Skrulls are revealed, and the Mighty Avengers have a cameo (as do Luke's teammates) but really it comes down to two people on opposite sides of an argument. There's nothing quite as real as that.

And it's always a treat when we can see the ALIAS team of Bendis and Michael Gaydos do an ALIAS related story.



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