Caleb's Pick of the Week - Kick-Ass #1

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This week I've got to go with Kick-Ass. There are certainly other books of note, but I chose this one for a number of reasons. First, Millar and Romita are obviously having fun creating this comic...and that experience translates to the reader. Unfortunately it's rare to be able to discern how much a creator is enjoying a comic, not from what they say in interviews or at panels, but from the work itself. Kick-Ass is a blast of a concept, the creative team's having a blast making it and I'm having a blast reading it. Second, this is a first issue and I'd feel remiss as your retailer if I didn't at least try to help you get on at the ground floor before the sell-outs start hitting, which they will. And third, this book has the highest order numbers of any book yet from Marvel's Icon imprint and I think it's important to support these books with our dollars so we can see even more passionate creator-owned titles such as this and Criminal.


Speaking of Criminal, I have to mention it as my runner-up this week. This comic is fantastic and it's a real shame if you've somehow missed it. But this month is an over-sized stand-alone story and the perfect chance to jump on the series for only $3.50 and discover what you've been missing.



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