Vito's Personal Pan Pizza Pick of the Week - 1/30/08

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In a week of returning characters or characters returning in new costumes or characters getting new directions...isn't it nice when a book just "stays the course?" Hence ACTION COMICS #861. Everything you expect from Geoff Johns is here (and for more Johns, check out GREEN LANTERN #27) and at the same time, everything you expect from Gary Frank is here too, and that's why this book is #1 on my stack this week...the art. Gary Frank is to Superman what Kevin Maguire was to the Justice League. His facial expressions are fantastic, and if you can't see Christopher Reeve in Frank's Superman, you're not looking close enough. And one of my biggest critiques on artists is they draw the same faces over and over again...not Gary Frank. Each member of the Legion is unique and as different as their powers. And man, I would never want to visit Colu! Sheesh!



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