Vito's Personal Pan Pizza Pick of the Week - 1/16/08

Thursday, January 17, 2008

To say why this book was my pick of the week is a little tough. Instead, I'll say why NEW X-MEN #46 wasn't.

If you remember, about a month ago, I picked NEW X-MEN #45 as my pick of the week and it was well deserved. But I feel like a lot of what I loved about that issue was contained in #46, but For example, I needed someone to explain who "Regan" was (Mystique calls out her's Lady Mastermind). The action, which was again drawn by Humberto Ramos, was fast paced and exciting last issue; in this one, it was cluttered and might have moved the story too fast. There's a scene where Pixie (or is it Pyxie?) uses his/her powers (I'm new here, kids) and...what? Teleports the New X-Men? Teleports the field team? I'm not sure. And [SPOILER ALERT]Professor X tells Cable to go into the future with the baby.WHAT? When was that discussed? So, I chose ALL NEW BOOSTER GOLD #6, which was the end of the first story arc, "52 Pick Up," but undoubtedly the beginning of a new one. Well written, action packed and paced/choreographed well, this was what NEW X-MEN was a month ago, but not this week. It established the characters, established the status quo and even changed history. And reading it, you can't help but feel like this might not be the beginning of something great, but the beginning of something that will have really awful (in a good way) consequences. Even if you missed the last 5 issues, I have no doubt that you could pick up #6 and be right in the thick of it! Go for it! Do it! Grab that Booster!

Oh, and if you're cool, you'll pick this up too:



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